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Welcome to Barrow Farm Riding and Carriage Driving for the Disabled

Our aim at Barrow Farm is to enable people with special needs and disabilities to develop their abilities and enrich their lives through riding.

Barrow Farm is a specially equipped riding centre in Mid Essex providing the opportunity for people with special needs and disabilities to ride. Barrow Farm is a registered charity.

Why not take a look round our website and meet the wonderful team that makes it all possible, the instructors, ponies, riders, supporters and volunteers. Come and join our team!

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Barrow Farm Newsletter - March 2014

Sport England Grant

Sport England Lottery logo

Please see our newsletter for news about our fabulous grant from Sport England Inspired facilities Fund. An amazing £49,560 to repair our leaking indoor school roof and replace the worn out floor. Huge thanks to our treasurer Gill Philpott who did the lionís share of the work.

Barrow Farm group photo

New Stables built but, money still needed...

Also read about our stable project. Last minute funding of £8,303. from the Chiron Trust via Essex Community Foundation means we have reached the target for the stables. Our thanks to them and our other main stable funders.

Thanks also to some riders and parents who donated, thanks to all for your patience during the works, some rides had to be cancelled.

To keep in touch with daily life here visit and like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

Rebecca Rynor photo

Endeavour award for Becks

One Oaklands rider Rebecca Rynor (Becks) was very unlucky and had to ride a different horse at the last minute. She made a huge effort and kept a positive attitude throughout. We were very impressed with her and have awarded her a RDA Endeavour certificate. Well done Becks.

Open Day and Grand Garden Opening May 17th

What a brilliant action packed day we had here at Barrow Farm. The weather was perfect, the horses, ponies, riders and volunteers didnít put a foot or hoof wrong all day. Riders took grade tests, level 1 RDA show jumping tests, performed musical rides and demonstrated Countryside Challenge obstacles.

Our work based learning students performed an exciting musical ride and little ponies Tawny and Rocket a musical pair display.

There were lots of delicious cakes, a huge thanks to all bakers and to kitchen volunteers.

The highlight of the day was the lunchtime opening of our wonderful new garden behind the indoor school. We were thrilled to welcome Kate Fisher, daughter of Eric Fisher, President Europe of Valero Energy Ltd who officially opened our garden. In an inspiring speech Kate shared with us her love of horses and her understanding of how important and beneficial interaction with them is for all our riders. Kate and her father were very impressed with Barrow Farms facilities and the achievements of our riders. See newsletter for more about garden story,

photo of Kate Fisher cutting ribbon to new garden
Clare & Isobel

UKCC success for Clare and Isobel

We are delighted to congratulate Clare and Isobel on achieving their United Kingdom Coaching Certificate, Level 2 in R.D.A. specific coaching. It involved a four day course and final assessment at Penniwells RDA centre. They were assessed coaching a group lesson and an individual rider. Well done to both of them, they should be very proud of themselves, we certainly are.

Success of student placements

We are very pleased to have young people on work based learning placements from two local schools. St Martins in Brentwood and Hylands in Chelmsford. The students attend two days a week and receive training in all aspects of horse care. They also assist with the RDA rides, giving them an invaluable insight into the challenges faced by people with special needs and disabilities. As well as learning horse care they are learning how to interact with people of all ages and abilities, a real preparation for future work in whatever career they choose. We enjoy having them and hope the partnerships formed with the schools will continue. We have also built a strong relationship with Writtle College who administer the work based learning scheme and do all relevant checks on progress.

Our horses and ponies benefit from the variety the extra work with the students gives them and our RDA riders, especially the teenagers, benefit from interaction with people of their own age.

Dressage Anywhere

Friday afternoon riders Becks and Emily qualified for Dressage Anywhere Championship

Here are the girls with their ponies and score sheets. Dressage Anywhere is an online competition and they were able to compete by having the test videoed and sent off to be judged. They now go forward to compete in the Championship competition held during April and May. Congratulations to them and their coach Clare.

photo of Emily & Lula photo of Becks & Rhia

Dressage Anywhere is a wonderful opportunity for riders to get a taste of competition. Please ask your ride coach if you would like to have a go yourself of would like your son or daughter to. Competitions start again in the autumn.

Monday rider William Swire

Has also qualified for the Dressage Anywhere Championship. Congratulations to him and his coach Kath.

We hope they will be showing off their skills at Open Day.

photo of Emma & Lee Pearson

My lesson with Lee Pearson

On the 2nd March I went to Ocklandscollege to a dressage clinic with Lee Pearson. When Anne and the girls arrived with Lula Clare rode her to calm her down as she was really excited to be somewhere different. After Lula calmed down a bit I got on her. Once I was on we went into the mťnage to get settled, Lula was looking around but, was very good.

I got settled and picked up my rains then it was time go in. I couldnít believe I was about to have a lesson Lee Pearson! When we went in Lee Pearson gave Lula and I time to settle. Once we were settled I rode my dressage test. Afterwards Lee helped me with the parts I needed to improve. We worked on getting into the corners, 10m loops, free walk, getting Lula to walk on and turning down the centre line. Every time I didnít get on the centre line Lee told me to do it again. We worked really hard on the walk, so much so when I got off Lula my leg hurt. Although Lee worked hard he made laugh, he didnít make it too serious. It the end of the lesson, i got to wear Leeís gold medal from London round my neck!!

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped, it was amazing to have a lesson with Lee Pearson.

Companion Dog Show - Sunday, 4th May 2014

Our next fun dog show at Barrow Farm is on Sunday 4 May 2014 and will be held in the indoor riding school. Entries will be taken from 11am and judging starts at 12 noon. As well as the usual pedigree and novelty classes we will be running an Obedience Test throughout the day as something extra, but not to be taken too seriously. Please see schedule for details.

If you are interested in sponsoring the rosettes for any of the classes (£10 each class), or £35 to sponsor the trophies, please get in touch or add your details to the display at Barrow Farm. If you or anyone you know is interested in having a stall at the dog show in exchange for a class sponsorship, please let me know. Looking forward to another successful show. Jo mobile 07763343766.

RDA Competitions

PostboxOn the weekend of 13th/14th July Macie and Tawny went to Hartpury in Gloucestershire to take part in the National RDA Championships with their riders Lucy and Harry. As you may remember it was a scorching hot Saturday. Sally W and Isobel, who were driving the horsebox, had to get up early so that the ponies could beat the heat for the drive of over 4 hours. Luckily the roads were clear and they had arrived at Hartpury by midday so the ponies were able to spend the afternoon relaxing before their classes on Sunday.

It was a busy weekend this year as both Lucy and Harry were competing on the same day. This meant Clare had to be up early to plate Macie before Harry and Tawny did their Countryside Challange at 9.15. Tawny did ever so well and despite being in a field of grass, Tawny didn't eat either grass or props. Harry work really hard and did a really good job, especially picking the apple off the apple tree. The pair of them came 4th overall out of a big class, so well done to them. Lucy and Macie competed in dressage.


Lucy's first test was the partial vision test, there were only two juniors in the class which Lucy won by a considerable margin with only one senior getting a higher score than her. As usual Macie behaved herself impeccably on the day.

Next came Harry's dressage which was in one of the outdoor arena's. It was hard to tell who was the hottest, Harry, Clare, Sally W or Tawny. All I know was that Tawny felt it was too hot to walk very fast and Harry worked hard to keep him moving. The scores for the Countryside Challenge and the Dressage for Harry are combined for a class called Combined Training and Harry and Tawny came a very credible sixth. So well done to Harry, Tawny and all the team for a very good performance. Don't forget that this was Tawny's first National Championships. He really did behave himself rather well and made Anne very proud of him.


Then came Lucy's second dressage test which was the freestyle. This was a much bigger class with a wider ability of rider taking part. Lucy did exceptionally well to come second after performing a very accurate and pleasing test. I believe Lucy had a major role in devising her routine so a big congratulations to her and big pat on the back for all the hard work.


It was a fantastic weekend for all at Barrow Farm and we are very proud of both our ponies and the riders. We are always looking for more help at these events so please let us know if you would be interested in coming along to help us next year. (We have a great time with a picnic on the Saturday night). If you want to know more about it please talk to a member of staff. Video from the event will be coming soon so watch this space with more photos in the gallery below.

Hartpury 2013
Click on the thumbnail to see the photo album




Fundraising Appeal for New Stables

Our oldest block of stables was put up during the mid-1970's and although has served the group well is now reaching the end of its useful life with repairs no longer an option. The long and short of it is that we need new stables, which of course cost money. Gill has been frantically writing grants and submitting the necessary forms for planning permission but if anyone knows of anyone who would be interested in contributing please let us know.


Video of the month

Here is a taste of what we got up to at the RDA National Championships. You can see more of Tawny with Harry and Macie with Lucy on the ponies own pages.



Celebrate Jet's time at Barrow Farm

Jet has been at Barrow Farm 24 years and in the last year he has finally retired. He has worked very hard for the group, both riding and driving. This year at Open Day it was a special celebration of Jet's work with RDA. It was caught on film and broadcast on Blue Peter on 13th June. He is now enjoying his retirement spending plenty of time in the field with his friends and generally doing whatever makes him happy - he still comes running when he wants something!

Jet is going to be a special pony of the month soon and we are looking for your stories about him. Please email to:


Pony of the month is Rhia

All the latest from Rhia is at the bottom of this page.


Dates for your diary

If you have any queries about any of the events below please email

Saturday 14 December 2013 Christmas Carol Service


Have you thought of sponsoring one of our hardworking ponies

You can now sponsor our ponies online (in monthly payments) or via the traditional paper method. Currently Macie has the most sponsors, so how about sponsoring your favourite pony? Sponsoring a pony could not be easier and you will receive a certificate and updates about your pony. See the Sponsor a pony page for more details.


Pony of the month is Rhia

Rhia the pony of the month kindly gave an interview one sunny Saturday afternoon in April with the help of one of our teenage volunteers, Livvy and Rhia’s rider, Amie, so read on to find out more about Barrow Farms Blond Babe.


So what do you particularly like about living at Barrow Farm?
When I came to Barrow Farm I was not really used to life in a stable. But I love my stable at Barrow Farm, it’s clean and cosy and food turns up very regularly. You can’t ask for better, and my stable has a great view of the yard and all the goings on.
The people are lovely too, I get a daily pedicure, with all the dirt being picked out of my hooves and every day I get my blond mane and tail brushed and my coat groomed. It can take quite a long time to do the job thoroughly, as I have a lot of mane and tail. I do enjoy a brush and I think it is nice to look well groomed for when I am working.

What’s your favourite food and do you have to watch what you eat to stay in shape?
Besides the 24lb of hay I eat a day, that’s 3 bales of hay a week, I love carrots and pears as a treat, but of course nothing beats grass. Sally Waumsley the yard manager helps me to keep trim by watching my weight and making sure I don’t eat too much, it’s not healthy for us horses to get too fat, you know, and I do like to keep my waistline in shape.

Do you have a favourite film?
Amie and I agree you can’t beat the Sound of Music. I love those rolling hills and mountains, all that grass in the opening sequence of the film, mmm. Plus I am a Haflinger, and although I came from Holland to Barrow Farm, the breed is actually a mountain breed from Austria.

What is your favourite music?
I love to trot to In the Mood by Glenn Miller you should see my blond tail bobbing along to that in trot. But I enjoy a wide range of music anything with a good beat to move to suits me.

What is your favourite TV show?
Well, I am not sure I have a favourite, but Amie reckons you can’t beat a bit of Friends, and I agree it is great to have Friends in your life, to have fun with.

Thanks to Amie, Livvie and Gill for their help in producing Rhia's pony of the month article.

Click on the thumbnail to see her photo album




If you would like to support Rhia why don't you sponser her. See the Sponsor a pony page for more details.


Coming soon to the website - watch this space!

The next Pony of the Month is going to be Jet - we will be celebrating Jet's long life at Barrow Farm so please if anyone has any stories about Jet please email


Updated 17th July 2014

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